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are you still working on it?


I enjoyed this prototype for what it is, but of course I'd love to see it developed further as well. :) The storytelling through the rooms was such a wonderful atmospherical experience and I can't wait to see more of that. <3 I included your wonderful little game in one of our compilation articles about the ResistJam, along with two other nice entries. :) And there's a little showcase video as well. Thank you for your game. <3 Looking forward to your future projects!

Best wishes,


Hey, thanks for posting it here! I've seen the video last year when you published it.
Glad you enjoyed the demo. Hope one day I get back and finish it :)

Fingers crossed, it has so much potential! :)


What a lovely and emotional game. I would love to see this taken further!

It is currently in development. Thanks for the kind comment :)