Thou Shalt Be Brave Mobile - Devlog #1

Alright alright, I'm really late with this one. However it's not as easy when you are closing in to middle ages. I had to figure out some life and work stuff and here I am with great news. Are they positive news or not, time will decide.

Recently I went indie and established my personal studio, available for gamedev related freelance jobs. Also instructing game development at a school. I stream on Twitch Mon-Wed-Fri pattern every week that I'm available

Additionally, I'm developing the mobile version of Thou Shalt Be Brave!

Let me show you what is already done and tell you what is to come:

First of all, the game is not pixel art anymore. Development is faster this way as I don't have to worry about pixel perfect positions of things on the screen.

As you can see, we have a working character editor where you can set the avatar of your character. Name it as you want. Choose a title you wish and customize the stats. You can still choose a class as you did in the original version. Classes give you certain bonuses during the game.

After you are done with your character, game will throw you into unknown lands to explore. Different than the original version, this time you will see where you are in the world. But beware, while traveling between locations, you will have some random encounters, enemies to beat and situations to deal with.

The above gif has an old version of the map, at the moment it looks fancier like this:

Progression is almost the same as the original game, You level up,  gather loot and use it to explore further, until you will face the evil necromancer who cursed the lands. In the mobile version, it will be much more difficult to get to the end though, so you might have to play many times and learn combat patterns of enemies and figure out how to counter them.

Combat is also different. Instead of choosing from available options every turn, you will have to choose 1-3 cards (actions/items) from your inventory and based on whether or not there is a clash between the chosen cards, combat will resolve.

When you reach a location on the map, you will be able to enter the location and locations (unlike the original, only one town with one option) will have multiple interactions to choose from. You will be able to purchase items and even get some side quests.

That's it for now. There will be more news very soon.

You can follow the development closer from my Twitter account
or join our Discord server

You might have also noticed that the original Thou Shalt Be Brave comes with a price now. It's 1$ but you can pay what you want. Any money earned from there helps me continue my endeavor and supports the development of this mobile version of the game. If you can afford please do it, Thou Shalt Be Brave is an addicting little game I assure you!

Thanks for reading this far and cross your fingers for me and my game :)

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